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Collective Bargaining Agreement Uaw

1. The UAW shall not organize, encourage or organize a sympathy strike in support of another UC union or bargaining unit. 2. In this section, each ASS retains freedom of expression, including its right to engage in activities that sympathize with other UC unions or bargaining units on strike in the WORKPLACE of the ASE. If THE ESA exercises these rights and does not fulfill the hope that they will meet the conditions of its appointment, the university considers that they cannot be paid for work they do not perform. one. The UAW provides a list of personnel data for members of the bargaining unit for whom the UAW is requesting an amendment. B. The modified list should contain the following fields in the Unit770:A file. During the duration of the agreement or a written extension of this agreement, the University agrees that there should be no lockout by the University.

The UAW, on behalf of its officers, officers and members, accepts that there will be no strikes, work interruptions or work interruptions or other concerted activities directly or indirectly involved in the operation of the university for the duration of this agreement or a written extension of this agreement during the duration of this agreement or a written extension. The UAW accepts, on behalf of its officers, agents and members, that it must not authorize, support, encourage, participate, sanction, ratify, tolerate or support activities that violate this article. 1. The parties agree that there will be a permanent body of seventeen (17) arbitrators to hear the arbitration procedures for the hearing in accordance with the provision of this article. If it is not possible to reach an agreement on the seventeen (17) arbitrators, the remaining number needed to complete the panel will be chosen alternately by the parties. (2) The procedure for amending the panel is as follows: D. The measures taken by the university with respect to a right of management or academic law are not subject to the appeal or arbitration procedure or to a subsidiary action, unless their exercise is contrary to an express written provision of this agreement. During negotiations on the 2018-2021 succession agreement, the parties agreed on the following with respect to immigration status and work permit: Section 2. The university will not engage in any activity or enter into an agreement or otherwise discuss with another group or individual in order to undermine the Union as the person`s representative in the unit.