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Single Party Agreement Clause

In other words, although there was a first offer, followed by an acceptance, and the document is qualified as a contract of purchase and sale, the agreement in the law is nothing more than an offer until the clause concerned is withdrawn. Suppose that, when buying a home, the buyer wants to submit an offer for inspection. The buyer`s broker could use the following object clause: Alternative names: brokerage protection clause, extension clause, brokerage security clause, brokerage security clause, sale clause, purchase clause Based on the experience of many licensees, RECBC has accumulated some examples of clauses intended to respond to different situations in normal real estate practice, in the hope that the licensees will find them useful. In case of doubt about the issues, licensees are advised to seek the advice of their executive broker agent and, where appropriate, a lawyer. A slight delay or anticipated additional cost can help prepare a binding contract. This diligence reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings and litigation. Model clause on the rights of third parties: this agreement is drawn up in favour of the parties and must not benefit any third party or be enforceable by third parties. The rights of the parties to terminate, cancel or approve any modifications, waivers, modifications or comparisons under or under this Agreement are not subject to the agreement of third parties. .

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