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State Of Nebraska Real Estate Purchase Agreement

If you plan to use the services of a licensor, you can check the status of their real estate license by accessing licensee A and applicant information on the Nebraska Real Estate Commission website. This website also tells you if any disciplinary action has already been taken against the person`s license. This information is available at www.nebraska.gov/nrec/licinfodb/index.cgi. Whether you are introducing a real estate licensee or selling your home yourself, the law requires that, if you are selling a residential property of 1 to 4 units, you must provide all potential buyers with a disclosure form of the seller`s ownership conditions before they are required to purchase your property. Therefore, you must fill out this form in depth and be available to all interested buyers. Nebraska Residential Purchase and Sale Agreements are used to provide the terms of a potential buyer`s offer for the purchase of real estate. In the text of the document, the buyer indicates the amount of money he proposes as he plans to pay if the offer is accepted and the expiry date of the offer. Until the expiry date of the contract, the seller may accept the contract or submit a counter-offer to the potential buyer. Once both parties have signed the contract, the contract will be concluded and the buyer will have to pay the seller as promised. Before the contract takes effect, the seller must present the buyer with a disclosure statement describing any defects or deterrents. .