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With Hell Are We In Agreement

Worm. 15. Because you said, that is, you thought and calculated this way, but without your host, as they say; [Jeremiah 6:19] Listen, O earth; Behold, I will bring evil to this people, even the fruit of their thoughts. “Thus says the Lord God. I will also put the court at stake, and justice on the crash: and hail will sweep away the refuge of lies, and water will flood the hiding place. And your covenant with death will be dissolved, and your approval with hell will not last; when the overflowing plague passes, you will be trampled by it” (Isaiah 28:16–18). Because you said, “We have made an alliance with death, and we agree with hell; if the overflowing whip passes, it will not come to us: for we have made lies our refuge, and under the lie we have hidden ourselves: whether it is literally drunk with wine, or God sarcastically refers to being drunk with their own sense of power, they relied on themselves and their loyalty to other peoples/nations, and not on God. Daniel 11:22 And with the arms of a flood, they will be overwhelmed before him, and broken; Yes, even the Prince of the Alliance. And with hell – Hebrew, `Sheol` – the land of shadows or dead spirits (see note in Isaiah 5:14).

It`s almost synonymous with death here. Faced with the prospect of an Assyrian invasion, Menachem taxed the kingdom`s empires to pay tribute to the Pilesers of Tiglath, thus avoiding a direct invasion. But in this way, he had handed the nation over to the Assyrians for all intents and purposes, making them a vassal state of the Assyrian Empire. Source: Here we have made an alliance with death, and with hell we agree: also sure of death and safe from hell or the grave, as if an alliance and a pact had been formally concluded between them. Sentences are an expression of their fearlessness towards them, their confidence and their certainty that they should not be hurt by them. Some interpret this from their mortal enemies, especially as King Sennacherib of Assyria, with whom they had made peace and entered into an alliance of friendship and covenant, and therefore had nothing to fear from the threats of the Lord of the Prophet; but Vitringa, better, of the alliance and agreement with the Romans, who carefully observed the Jewish rulers and thus kept themselves safe; see Revelation 6:8, We have made a covenant with death.] Our ab omni male sumus secttrissimi: Thrasonicae hyperbolae – we are liberated and are supposed to come out unscathed. Becket`s friends advised him, for his safety, to organize a mass in honor of St. Stephen to save him from the hands of his enemies. .